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The National President's Message


By Gerard A. Jones,

National President





As we begin the second quarter of 2018, with spring in the air, we look forward to the upcoming summer months.  In this issue, you will find the application for NOITU’s Daniel Lasky Scholarship.



This year, I am pleased to announce the inauguration of NOITU’s FOUR-YEAR SCHOLARSHIP AWARD.  This new scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding student applicant for the NOITU’s Daniel Lasky Scholarship, with the highest academic achievement and acceptance to a four-year college or university.  This will be in addition to our regular scholarship awards.  To maintain the four-year scholarship award, the recipient must maintain a 3.2 minimum GPA each school year, and submit his or her grades by the end of May each year.



We continue to improve upon our Health Benefits for our members and their eligible dependents.  Over the past years, we have improved our Dental, Optical and Life Insurance Benefits.  The medical plans that we provide our members and their eligible dependents are some of the most comprehensive plans being offered by unions today.  In addition to our current programs, we will be introducing Live Health online in conjunction with the BCBS PPO.  This is made possible through the improvement of technology.  In addition, we will be exploring the implementation of up-to-date technology for our Medical and Dental Center, and improving how future service is delivered.



Automation and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) ripple across industries to make dreams realities---for example, you are now doing your banking, paying your bills, watching TV, surfing the internet and communicating via your smart phones, notepads and computers today because of the advancement of technology.  When you complete a loan or credit card application online, artificial intelligence in most cases is evaluating your information and helping to determine the decision for approval or denial of your application.



More and more companies are using automation to perform jobs that our members have done in the past.  We are told it helps to reduce errors and increases efficiency and productivity.  So it is important that we help educate our members and future workers on the importance of technology in the workplace today.



It is important that we continue to organize workers who can benefit from union representation and encourage our members to let us know of family and friends who work for non-union companies.  By providing leads to your representatives and helping them to organize any company with your help, you will be awarded the first month’s Dues after a contract has been negotiated.



In the future, we will be going to a digital format for the NOITU Reporter so we will be updating your information to include your cell phone number and email address during this year, which will give us the ability to communicate with our members using today’s technology.



Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable summer!

148-06 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11435

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