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By: Arthur J. Orzano, Administrator



Out-of-network providers can cost you a great deal of money Unnecessarily!


Of course, if you require emergency medical care it is virtually impossible to guarantee each provider that is caring for you is a participating provider. 


On the other hand……


If you are scheduling an elective surgery or procedure such as an hernia operation or a colonoscopy, you will have plenty of time to determine whether or not, each of the providers caring for you participate in the Blue Cross Blue Card PPO. 


LET US HELP YOU DO THAT!  Always call the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund Member Services Department as far in advance as possible. 


When you call us, we can guide you through the following: 

  •    Inform you whether the procedure requires pre-certification. 
  • Verification of providers who will be part of your care (i.e. assistant surgeon, anesthesiologist). 
  • Verification of whether the providers participate with your Blue Cross health plan. 
  • Offer a written pre-estimate BEFORE SERVICES ARE RENDERED to you and the provider if it is discovered he or she is OUT-OF-NETWORK.  The written pre-estimate will require the doctor to tell us what “procedure codes” are to be used and how much is going to be charged for each of those codes.  We will, in turn, report to you and the provider what the Plan intends to reimburse. 

Your Union, together with the Insurance Trust Fund staff, is here to help you!


Call the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund Member Services Department at 718-291-3434 (#3) 


LLÁMENOS antes de que se realice cualquier procedimiento. Proveedores fuera del plan de Blue Cross puede costarle una gran cantidad de dinero innecesariamente. El Departamento de Servicios para Miembros puede guiarlo en contestar cualquier pregunta que tenga acerca del procedimiento or el proveedor.




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