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What is NOITU?
NOITU is an acronym formed from the initial letters that spell out “National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions”, which is affiliated with the International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades (IUJAT).
NOITU is the Parent National Union that is comprised of five (5) affiliated independent autonomous local Unions. These local Unions represent skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled industrial workers in a variety of different fields and classifications.
                What is NOITU’s foremost Purpose?
NOITU’s main objective is to organize workers who are in need of representation in their respective working environment who want to, for the most part, increase their standard of living, job security, increased benefits, eliminate oppression where it exists and to assure that a decent respectful working environment will be obtained in all positive aspects.
How is NOITU Able to Fulfill These Obligations and Through What Means?
NOITU members are informed of their legal rights and benefits that are stipulated in a signed Collective Bargaining Agreement, a.k.a. a union contract. These Union contracts are negotiated peacefully under the lawful collective bargaining system – a signed Union Contract, where working people can nowhere else find or obtain the help and support that affords them guaranteed wage increase, paid health benefits, for them and their families, retirement benefits, job security that contain protective grievance machinery and many other positive conditions of employment…. all written and codified in a binding Collective Bargaining Agreement - a Union Contract.   Union Representatives are assigned to all industrial sites that are covered by a NOITU Contract and are obligated to visit each site no less than once each month to assure that all of the conditions and provisions therein are being faithfully honored and complied with. That is the Meaning of True Union Representation.
All of the NOITU’s Health Benefit Programs are self-insured and self-administered that provide the NOITU Members and their families with a wide range of health coverage.
NOITU’s extensive health coverage includes –
a)      Hospitalization – Hospital Emergency Treatment
b)      Surgical and Major Medical Coverage
c)      Preferred Provider Organization a.k.a. PPO for private doctor office visits
d)     Prescription Drug Program
e)      Private Dental Panel Program
f)       Optical Program
g)      Death Benefit Plan
Additionally, NOITU’s health benefit program is augmented with two (2) state-of- the-arts Medical and Dental facilities. The Louis Lasky Centers equally administer a myriad of primary outpatient medical care and comprehensive dental treatment that include crown and bridge work, root canal therapy, and orthodontics. For the members’ convenience, the Centers are strategically located to afford them easy access. One center is in Manhattan, the other on Long Island and are open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
This is but a condensed portrayal of an organization…. NOITU… an organization that goes beyond the traditional functions of a labor organization. NOITU, a labor Union that offers an over-all encompassing blanket of advantages to the industrial workers that cover a broad spectrum of protective services of which enable the NOITU members to enjoy a more dignified and secure lifestyle with added peace of mind.
NOITU – where “The Good and Welfare of our Membership is the Only Reason for Our Existence”.
(Rev. 9/8/2018)

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