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By: Candice Stark, CEBS, Administrator


It is with many overwhelming emotions that I write my last Fund News column.   After almost thirty-five years of working in several capacities at the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund, I will be retiring at the end of June, 2015. I have been honored and privileged to serve you, our members and eligible dependents, by overseeing the multitude of health benefits and services provided by the Fund.
 I am extremely proud of the growth and direction our Fund has taken, particularly during the past ten years. We can thank our knowledgeable Trustees who listen, learn and vote on very important issues that are the foundation of our Fund. We depend upon our team of professionals, such as our attorneys and actuaries, who make sure that our Fund is in compliance and guide us in making wise decisions. We rely upon our investment professionals who help the Trustees ensure that the Fund’s reserves are carefully monitored and safely held. We value our outside providers with whom the Fund negotiates to bring panels of doctors, hospitals, dentists, optometrists, etc. to you to fulfill your medical needs. 
In addition to our outside team, I am happy to tell you about the Fund’s internal team who work tirelessly and cohesively to handle the day to day operations. Six directors, including a Claims Department Director, and IT Department Director, a Controller, an Employer Services Department Director, a Legal Department Director and the Medical/Dental Center Director, steer the daily needs and direction of our Fund. Together with their staff, they tend to all tasks required to bring you the services that are negotiated in the Collective Bargaining Agreements between your Employer and the Union. 
It is no small undertaking to provide benefits to the thousands of participants of the Fund. It is not by accident. There is no magic involved. There are many moving parts. It takes foresight, constant planning, dedication and lots of hard work. Our teams are carefully selected to make it happen. They are always learning and training to understand the ever-changing environment of health care delivery systems.   The new regulations of the Patient Protection and Accountability Act provided additional challenges.    I am pleased to report to you that our Fund met these challenges ahead of schedule and we continue to analyze and adjust our benefit structure to make sure that we are ahead of the curve.
My successor, Arthur Orzano, is no stranger to benefit funds. He was an administrator of another fund before he came to work for our Fund, and he has been with our Fund for ten years. With Arthur’s experience, along with the several teams I described above, I feel fully confident that the Fund is in excellent hands and will enjoy a secure and successful future.
I thank you all for allowing me to feel fulfilled in a career that I have treasured. My work has provided me with purpose and meaning every single day. I wish every one of you good health, happiness and peace as you continue your life’s journey.

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