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By: Arthur J. Orzano, Administrator





Whenever you find yourself in need of a Doctor, X-Ray/Imaging Facility, Laboratory, etc. it is very important that you always consider the advantage of staying “In-Network”. Providers who are NOT in-network are permitted to charge whatever they wish which may be greater than the amount your Health Insurance will pay. This could result in your having to pay a great deal out of your pocket.


Items To Remember:


            • Staying “In-Network” avoids out-of-pocket expense.

            • If the Doctor is out-of-network and says “don’t worry we accept your insurance” many times that actually translates into, “yes, we accept what your insurance pays BUT you must pay the rest out of your pocket.” To avoid this confusion and expense always ask the provider “does that mean you are accepting what my insurance pays as PAYMENT IN FULL?” You may even want to ask, “and does that mean that I won’t have to pay anything out of pocket?” If at any time during this initial process you are doubtful about how to proceed then we strongly suggest that you call the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund’s Member Service Department at (718) 291-3434 for assistance.

            • Always show your insurance ID card at the provider’s office. There are very specific instructions and information on your ID card.

            • Need to find out if the Provider is In-Network? Asking the Provider directly is the best way but you can also check the Blue Cross Network at or for up to date listings. And, of course, you can call the NOITU Insurance Member Services Department at (718) 291-3434 for help.

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