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By: Arthur J. Orzano, Administrator


Continued Enhancements to your NOITU Insurance Trust Fund Health Benefits
As we go through 2018 and reflect on the benefit improvements that have recently been put into effect (i.e. upgraded Dental Benefits through Blue Cross, upgraded Eyeglass Benefits through Comprehensive Professional Systems) it is important to realize that these benefit increases are taking place in a nationwide climate whereby many Health Insurance Providers are doing whatever it takes to survive.  They are either reducing benefit levels, which may include a reduction in the number of participating professionals, or are increasing their premiums that are basically becoming cost prohibitive if they haven’t already.
The main reason the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund is able to keep its benefits intact and costs down in order to provide you and your family with the most comprehensive plans possible is the fact that we’re self-insured, self-administered.  In addition to being able to offer the employer’s excellent health plans at a far less cost than if they had purchased private health insurance, it also gives the NOITU leadership the ongoing opportunity to continue to enhance your existing health benefits.  A couple of these new enhancements are as follows:
         To all Eligible Members and Eligible Dependents who are currently enrolled in the Insurance Trust Fund prescription plan that is               administered by CVS Health Prescription program:
Effective Januray 1, 2018, CVS has implemented a new program called “Real-Time Benefits”.  Real-Time Benefits allows you and your physician to review
·         The cost the plan will pay for the drug,
·         Your copay for that drug
·         If an authorization or step-therapy is needed
·         If available, will provide a list of lower-cost alternatives drugs with lower copays
Before your prescription is actually submitted to the pharmacy ask your Doctor to review the drugs being prescribed through the CVS “Real-Time Benefits” portal in order to see firsthand how your prescription drug plan works through CVS and how it can best be used to your advantage.
For more information on this new free service, please contact CVS Customer Care at 888-202-1654 or log into
·         Effective 6/1/18 “Telehealth Services” has arrived and is now available to all eligible participants!
As an additional enhancement to your present Health Benefit Plan, the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund Board of Trustees have engaged “Live Health Online” through Anthem Blue Cross.  This new program is available anywhere you have a computer or mobile device with Internet access (at home, at work or on the go).  With a simple phone call you can be connected to in-network board-certified doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Doctors can “ePrescribe” utilizing local pharmacies.  There is NO cost to you! The telehealth physicians charge is paid for 100% through the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund and is not subject to deductibles or co-pays.
Enrolling in this program couldn’t be easier; simply go to and follow the few quick steps to activate your account.  You also may want to download the “Live Health Online” app onto your smart phone to have mobile access to the Blue Cross network of telehealth physicians.


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