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By: Arthur J. Orzano, Administrator




Whenever you find yourself in the need of a Doctor, X-Ray/Imaging Facility, Laboratory, etc. it is very important that you always consider the advantage of staying “In-Network”. Providers that are NOT in-network are permitted to charge whatever they wish, which may be greater than the amount your Health Insurance will pay. This could result in you having to pay a large amount of money out of your own pocket.


Of course, in an emergency situation, it is difficult if not impossible to check to see if your doctor is in or out of network.  BUT, if you are planning an elective procedure, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you to speak with your physician or surgeon and inquire as to what other professionals (assistant surgeons, anesthesiologists, etc.) will be involved in your upcoming procedure.  Given the time, make sure everyone involved in your care is in fact a participating provider with your insurance plan.  The Blue Cross Blue Card PPO network contains a vast number of highly skilled professionals (physicians, surgeons, etc.) that are very accessible. There is no reason, therefore, for you to take the chance of having to pay thousands of dollars out of your pocket for elective services unnecessarily.

  •  How to find out if the Provider is In-Network? Asking the Provider directly is the best way but you can also check the Blue Cross PPO Network at for up-to-date listings, or you can call the NOITU Insurance Member Services Department at (718) 291-3434 (press #3) for help. 

Dental – Blue Cross In-Network Pre-Authorization


If ever you have a need for extensive dental services or multiple procedures of any kind, it is recommended that you ask your participating dentist to submit to Blue Cross a list of the proposed procedures to be performed.  Your dentist will know this as a relatively routine process to follow which will enable your dentist to obtain a preapproval that will include the amounts Blue Cross intends to pay for each of the procedures.  By doing this, you and your dentist will know exactly what to expect in terms of eligibility and eventual reimbursement BEFORE YOUR DENTAL WORK BEGINS.


New Blue Cross Medical Identification Cards


Over the next few months, all eligible Insurance Trust Fund Participants will be receiving new Blue Cross medical identification cards.  The new card provides you with the “LiveHealth Online” website address ( so you can obtain free medical services, live, online with a medical doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is a new benefit that was added this year.


New Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) will be mailed to you at the end of 2018


ALL SUMMARY PLAN DESCRIPTIONS (SPDs) have been updated and will be reissued toward the end of 2018.  These updated documents have been carefully developed to incorporate all “Summary of Material Modifications” (SMM) and required legal notifications that have been included in each of the past spring and fall issues of the “NOITU Reporter”.  Please take the time to look these SPDs over as they describe ALL of your health benefits that are provided by the NOITU Insurance Trust Fund.  These new SPDs will replace all previous SPDs. You will be receiving these new documents by January 2019.



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