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Becoming a Union Representative

By:  Gerald Hustick, Jr.



        Obtaining a position as Union Representative or Union Delegate is not based on college degrees, outstanding resumes, or even years of experience.  It is not the type of job one can really apply for.   This is a position where the right person is actually sought out, and found. 


        Years ago, during one of our Union Representative Meetings it was suggested by Mr. Daniel Lasky, President Emeritus Elect that the present Union Representatives attempt to find new Representatives to fill the positions of those that had retired.  I left that meeting, and knew exactly who I wanted to become a member of the NOITU Representatives Team.  


        Allow me to tell you a story about one of our current Union Representatives, Mr. Carlos Rodriguez.  Carlos previously worked for a window company on Long Island that I serviced for twelve years.  He was a hard working, dedicated, laborer and knew what it was like to work in a Union Shop along with other Union employees. A further plus for Carlos was he is multi-lingual. Being that a large portion of our membership is Hispanic, the Union and its membership would benefit even more with having Carlos as part of our team.  I just knew Carlos would be a good fit.  He was the perfect candidate for the ‘on the job training’ that is the key to holding this position. 


        Carlos had left his position with the company, but that did not stop me. I reached out to his Employer for his contact number.  Shortly thereafter I called Carlos. He did not call me back right away, but I kept after him and we finally connected. I told him I thought this was a great opportunity for not only him, but the Union as well.  He agreed to meet with Mr. Lasky, our President Emeritus Elect. They hit it off, and Carlos was hired. My hunch was right.  I am happy to say that was ten (10) years ago, and Carlos is still with the Organization.  

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